Unsolved Homicides; Tamir Rice Cultural Center & Start-Up Kid

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Police solved less than half of homicides over the last decade in 50 big cities studied by the Washington Post. In some sections of cities, the Post found, the solve rate is abysmally low. Cleveland, which was not part of the newspaper's analysis, also has a poor solve rate that Mayor Frank Jackson has called "unacceptable." How do staffing issues and distrust of police contribute?



The Washington Post's data project -- "Murder With Impunity"

Cleveland.com reporting on study on Cleveland Police Deparment Homicide Unit


-Wesley Lowery, National Reporter, The Washington Post
-Adam Ferrise, Crime Reporter, Cleveland.com
-Samaria Rice, Mother of Tamir Rice
-Ben Winovich, CEO & Founder, Leafy & Alumnus, Chagrin Falls High School

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