A Plus: Evening Street Fourth Grade Making Connections

For this week's A+, we wanna share a story about a school making a creative connection. We're talking about the three fourth grade classes at Evening Street Elementary School in Worthington, Ohio.

The connection they made was between International Dot Day which is a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration, and Constitution Day which celebrates the founding of the United States Government. I got to admit kids, International Dot Day was new to me.

But we heard from all three teachers, Susan Hilbert, Bev Matson, and Anita Shone-Hi-Utt, who tell us that this day is about being brave enough to make your mark in the world.

Their classes recognized that the founding fathers of our country made a big mark by creating a Constitution that would guide our country for many years to come. Students then thought about how they would like to make their marks, and they came up with some pretty great ideas!

On September 14th, the fourth graders kicked off their study of American history with a school-wide assembly, where they sang the preamble to the Constitution.

[Students] ♪ To ourselves and our posterity ♪ ♪ Do ordain and establish this Constitution ♪ ♪ For the United States of America ♪ ♪ Of America ♪

Rick] They sure sound great, don't they? So for sharing their creativity with us, and inspiring us all to make a positive mark in the world, we're giving the 4th graders at Evening Street Elementary this week's NewsDepth A+.

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